Vin-Kon S.A.
ul. Dąbrowskiego 35
62-500 Konin
tel. +48 63 242 93 11
fax +48 63 242 93 76

About The Firm
The firm has been operative since 1991. In November 1999 it was given the name "VIN-KON" SA ("VIN-KON", Joint-stock Company). It covers an area of 3 ha, including 10,000 m2 of office buildings, production halls and warehouses.

The production takes place in two establishments: one in Konin and the other one in Kruszwica.

We carry out production, trade, and service activity related to food processing:
- wines and alcoholic beverages
- concentrated fruit juices
- juices and soft drinks
- fruit aromatic substances
- concentrated vegetable juices

Pasteurized products are the extension of VIN-KON Group production program. They are produced under VIN-KON mark and also as a service for other private company.

The other products are:
- mineral water
- glass bottled fruit-drinks

Thanks to the high quality of produced goods the production plant records steady increase of sale. Fully automated and modern facilities as well as highly qualified and experienced personnel guarantee that quality production regimes are fully adhered. All raw materials and finished products are subjected to strict quality control performed at each production stage. We gained and enjoy the confidence of American market confirmed by FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approval for pasteurized products.

Within our home market the wine products are distributed by The Production, Trade & Service Establishment "MUSKAT" and Sales Department of VIN-KON S.A. Our Export Department deals with foreign contractors.

Since we do care about the development of the region, we would like to establish a steady co-operation with the local food growers.

We have been granted a number of awards and prizes. The top quality of our products, pro-ecological projects and charity actions have been highly estimated. We enjoy confidence of our trading partners and deliverers.

We are a member of the Presidium of the National Wine-making Council. We belong to the National Union of Juice & Alcoholic Beverages Producers (Both organisations are attached to the Scientific & Technical Society of the Food Industry Engineers and Technicians). We also belong to the Polish Chamber of Food Additives and Konin Chamber of Commerce. We closely co-operate with the Agricultural Counselling Centre in Kościelec.

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